Rare Coin Inventory:  Bret Leifer was a public accountant for a number of years. This demonstrated attention to detail comes in handy in the selection of rare coins. Every coin listed is hand picked for lack of marks and eye appeal- that we would want for our own collection. All the other coins we buy end up in the inventories of the usual suspects!


Date Description Price
1881 Trade Dollar-A magnificent coin personally selected for the shareholder of a major Rare Coin comonay in the 1980's. This icy deep mirrored specimen has outrageoud colors on both sides, The reverse looks as if it were painted. <pinks, gold, blues and reds> ...Just a magnificent type coin for the collector ! $7,450
1879-O $20 Liberty XF45 NGC CAC approved. One of the RAREST type III $20 Liberty gold pieces! The ONLY type III minted in New Orleans - with a total mintage of just 2,325 pieces. An Estimated 100 or so pieces exist. This piece came out of the woodwork.  A lovely EXTREMELY important addition to the advanced collection- These original coins are truly RARE and are always valued by collectors. SOLD
1878 $20 Liberty MS 64 by PCGS, CAC Approved. This coin looks as if it is a 1904, not a piece dated in the 1870's. Quite frankly- this coin should not exist. The obverse, is clean with a few scattered marks in the fields.  An extremely original piece which was stored in Pennsylvania for almost a century, with the same family. Most likely, ''the FINEST Known piece''. $35,500
1907 High Relief $20. MS 60- The iconic coin which every collector wants at some point in time. NGC. We bought this piece back from a client. The holder was scratched and cloudy so we had it reholdered. A great filler piece with NO big distractions, like many MS 60-61 coins, which does NOT cost $25,000+ SOLD
1880-S Morgan MS 65 DMPL PCGS CAC. An outrageous coin. White mint frost over ICY deep mirrors. An iconic coin, seldom seen nicer. A super Gem example- $990
sets A complete above average ORIGINAL circulated set of Walking Liberty half dollars in Dansco album. A very nice circulated set of coins. $1,250
1892 $ 20  Liberty, PCGS, AU58, a lovely low mintage coin, 4430 produced. Very frosty cheek and crisp details with much luster on this better dated piece. $15,150
1888-S $20 Liberty gold piece. MS 64 PCGS . CAC Approved. Another magic, lovely near Gem large gold coin with natural luster, original pink color and extremely clean surfaces. A superior type III 1880's issue at a VERY FAIR price!  We have had this cherry for a long time. In fact, it was the first piece we collected towards our type III set. $12,900



10 Piece Proof Set, All PCGS. Dollar-CAC, PF65, Half PF65, 25cent PF66, Dime CAC PF66, Half Dime CAC PF66, Shield Nickel CAC PF66cameo, 3CN CAC PF 65, 3CS PF65, 2 cent CAC PF64 RB, mostly red, Indian Cent Pf 65 RB. The silver coins are all the familiar Classic iconic blue/reddish swirl. The set had been in a box, tissue paper, with a family since early last century, circa 1905-09.



set a complete ORIGINAL Mercury Dime set, in folder. [1942/1 available XF by pcgs] wonderful collection. $1,100
1908 $20 St Gaudens No Motto MS 65 PCGS- appears undergraded to us. A SUPERIOR lustrous No Motto gold type coin- $1,750

$20 Liberty, MS 64+ PCGS with CAC. A strong candidate for that lovely gold type set. A much better date with few approved by CAC. A sparkling example. Just try to find a nicer piece as we could NOT. A piece you will treasure for its quality and desirablity.

1877 Indian Cent. Proof 64 RB NGC.  An unquestionable original piece. There are those blue streaks and blue tones. Well stuck ad contains some Cameo effect. The best date ot the series. SOLD
1926-D Buffalo Nickel, MS 63 PCGSCAC Approved. A true extremely difficult issue. We thought this coin would come back in an MS 64 holder. A Very lovely original toned multy colored piece., from a Wayte Raymond board. $975
1929-S Buffalo Nickel MS 65 CAC. another stellar coin. This piece has a golden cast to it probably from being in the Wayte Raymond board for decades. $400
1868 Seated Dollar Proof 65+ PCGS CAC approved. A superior gold blue toned piece highlighted by reds near the devices on both sides. A stunning coin from an original set put away by a local family. Would fit any advanced collection of silver type coins. Deep icy Mirrors. Wayte-Raymond style color-- SOLD
1937 Roanoke Half MS 65 PCGS for those born in 1937. Glorious surfaces, edge toning from the sulfur board. A Magnificent coin- $175
1941 Walking Liberty Half dollar- Proof 67- NGC -Deep Icy Mirrors.   "NO AW".  Variety. $875

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Proof 67 by NGC A Dead white GEM.  A virtual perfect coin, no scuffs no distracting marks. Nothing but the juice! If you like white perfection, this is your coin~ All Pf 68s which I have seen, all have some color.

1878 7tf Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 63. We were lucky to buy an original roll from a collector who stopped collecting in 1964. These are the real McCoy! White coins with abundant original LUSTER. The man who bought these coins lived in San Francisco in the 1930's-- 1950's. Obvious eye popping original dripping white luster that looks like an 1881-S. Very frosted cheek. Seems like a good value for the collector.  We also have a few similar 1878-s MS 63 pieces @ $110. $145
1924 Peace Dollar.  MS 66 NGC  A superior example of the type. Tremendous white frost everywhere over clean surfaces. One coin out of twenty rolls. A true masterpiece of a silver dollar for the collector. CAC Approved $595
1927 $2.5 Indian MS 64 PCGS,. A great coin- super phopherescent talc-like white luster surrounds both surfaces. At first glance, this coin looks like an MS 65. white luster everywhere, with a splash of burnished toning on an edge. in our opinion and fully original. CAC Approved. $720

Indian Head Cent. The last year of isseue & from the San Francisco mint.. This is a keeper. A superior MS 64 RB with mostly red.

1899 $20 Liberty MS 64 NGC CAC approved.  A bright fully original lustrous example of this last year of the 1890's. These usually do not come like this. The coin looks more like a 1927. A lovely moderately priced type coin. $2,850
1924 $20 St. Gaudens. MS 66 PCGS Lovely very old coin from a hoard. With Motto variety. Exceptionally clean and lustrous. The high points of the coin are sharp and crisp. We think if re-submitted, it could be a plus. Swirling luster. $2,240
1776 Continental Dollar- MS 64 by PCGS. A wonderful near GEM specimen. Breen 1089. Super die-crack from 11 o'clock- bottom of 'T' to rim on left side of 'O'.  Truly a stellar coin with that iconic date. Off the market since 1982 and a superb addition to any major collection.  The plate coin on PCGS website. SOLD
Proof Sets Original sets - 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958 available! $ bid/ask
Gold Type Set

8-Piece Gold Type Set All graded MS63 - Picked one at a time by Bret Leifer. Price is extremely fair.

Gold Type Set 8-Piece Gold Type Set MS64 - Hand-picked by Bret Leifer. These sets are super nice...  ONE SET IN STOCK $8,000 -$13,450
- Rolls of 20 franc gold pieces, napoleons, Swedish 20 Krona, Ceres, roosters, etc. - Great prices .  Remember---we Buy or Trade your coins $ call

BU Rolls of Morgan Dollars Monsters from new hoard - (Also, Franklin Half GEM ROLLS around)

Roosevelt 10 cent and Washington 25cents more original proof sets too...


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