Rare Coin Inventory:  Bret Leifer was a public accountant for a number of years. This demonstrated attention to detail comes in handy in the selection of rare coins. Every coin listed is hand picked for lack of marks and eye appeal- that we would want for our own collection. All the other coins we buy end up in the inventories of the usual suspects!


Date Description Price
1881 Trade Dollar-A magnificent coin personally selected for the shareholder of a major Rare Coin company in the 1980's. This icy deep mirrored specimen has outrageous colors on both sides, The reverse looks as if it were painted. <pinks, gold, blues and reds> ...Just a truly incredible type coin for the collector !  If you NEED  a Trade Dollar for your collection, and love color, THIS IS YOUR COIN_ $7,350
1879-O $20 Liberty XF45 NGC CAC approved. One of the RAREST type III $20 Liberty gold pieces! The ONLY type III minted in New Orleans - with a total mintage of just 2,325 pieces. An Estimated 100 or so pieces exist. This piece came out of the woodwork.  A lovely EXTREMELY important addition to the advanced collection- These original coins are truly RARE and are always valued by collectors. SOLD
1891-S $20 Liberty MS 64+ PCGS A super HIGH end coin which could actually be housed in an MS 65 holder. This CAC approved piece is truly outstanding. $8,250
1900 $ 2 1/2 Liberty Gold coin. MS 66+ by PCGS. An EXTREMELY frosty coin with almost perfect surfaces. A superior type coin for the collector which we bought back from a VERY picky collector.  CAC Approved and priced to sell at what we think is a reasonable number $ 2,490
1878 $20 Liberty MS 64 by PCGS, CAC Approved. This coin looks as if it is a 1904, not a piece dated in the 1870's. Quite frankly- this coin should not exist. The obverse, is clean with a few minuscule scattered marks in the fields.  An extremely original piece which was stored in Pennsylvania for almost a century, with the same family. Most likely, ''the FINEST Known piece''. $35,500
1907 High Relief $20. MS 60- The iconic coin which every collector wants at some point in time. NGC. We bought this piece back from a client. The holder was scratched and cloudy so we had it reholdered. A great filler piece with NO big distractions, like many MS 60-61 coins, which does NOT cost $25,000+ SOLD
1880-S Morgan MS 65 DMPL PCGS CAC. An outrageous coin. White mint frost over ICY deep mirrors. An iconic coin, seldom seen nicer. A super Gem example- $990
sets A complete above average ORIGINAL circulated set of Walking Liberty half dollars in Dansco album. A very nice circulated set of coins. $1,150
1892 $ 20  Liberty, PCGS, AU58, a lovely low mintage coin, 4430 produced. Very frosty cheek and crisp details with much luster on this better dated piece. $15,150
1931-S A roll of 1931-S Buffalo Nickels. Just purchased from an old time collector. These coins are mostly VF without any nasty scratches. $650



"10 Piece Proof Set", All PCGS. Dollar-CAC, PF65, Half PF65, 25cent PF66, Dime CAC PF66, Half Dime CAC PF66, Shield Nickel CAC PF66cameo, 3CN CAC PF 65, 3CS PF65, 2 cent CAC PF64 RB, mostly red, Indian Cent Pf 65 RB. The silver coins are all the familiar Classic iconic blue/reddish swirl. The set had been in a box, tissue paper, with a family since early last century, circa 1905-08.



set a complete ORIGINAL Mercury Dime set, in folder. [1942/1 available XF by pcgs] wonderful collection. $1,100
1908 $20 St Gaudens No Motto MS 65 PCGS- appears undergraded to us. A SUPERIOR lustrous No Motto gold type coin- $1,750

$20 Liberty, unc details, cleaned. NGC- From the The Newman collection. A nice strong addition to our collection without the 6 figure price tag. Very bold strike, just a bit of old time cleaning across the front. A much better Philadelphia over-the-top dated $20 Liberty. Just try to find a nicer piece as we could NOT <within the price range>. A piece you will treasure for its rarity and desirablity.

1926-D Buffalo Nickel, MS 63 PCGSCAC Approved. A true extremely difficult issue. We thought this coin would come back in an MS 64 holder. A Very lovely original toned multy colored piece., from a Wayte Raymond board. $975
1929-S Buffalo Nickel MS 65 CAC. another stellar coin. This piece has a golden cast to it probably from being in the Wayte Raymond board for decades. $400
1868 Seated Dollar Proof 65+ PCGS CAC approved. A superior gold blue toned piece highlighted by reds near the devices on both sides. A stunning coin from an original set put away by a local family. Would fit any advanced collection of silver type coins. Deep icy Mirrors. Wayte-Raymond style color-- SOLD
1937 Roanoke Half MS 65 PCGS for those born in 1937. Glorious surfaces, edge toning from the sulfur board. A Magnificent coin- $175
1941 Walking Liberty Half dollar- Proof 67- NGC -Deep Icy Mirrors.   "NO AW".  Variety. $875

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Proof 67 by NGC A Dead white GEM.  A virtual perfect coin, no scuffs no distracting marks. Nothing but the juice! If you like white perfection, this is your coin~ All Pf 68s which I have seen, all have some blue color.

1878 7tf Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 63. We were lucky to buy an original roll from a collector who stopped collecting in 1964. These are the real McCoy! White coins with abundant original LUSTER. The man who bought these coins lived in San Francisco in the 1930's-- 1950's. Obvious eye popping original dripping white luster that looks like an 1881-S. Very frosted cheek. Seems like a good value for the collector.  We also have a few similar 1878-s MS 63 pieces @ $110. $145
1924 Peace Dollar.  MS 66 NGC  A superior example of the type. Tremendous white frost everywhere over clean surfaces. One coin out of twenty rolls. A true masterpiece of a silver dollar for the collector. CAC Approved $595
1927 $2.5 Indian MS 64 PCGS,. A great coin- super phopherescent talc-like white luster surrounds both surfaces. At first glance, this coin looks like an MS 65. white luster everywhere, with a splash of burnished toning on an edge. in our opinion and fully original. CAC Approved. $720

Indian Head Cent. The last year of isseue & from the San Francisco mint.. This is a keeper. A superior MS 64 RB with mostly red.

1899 $20 Liberty MS 64 NGC CAC approved.  A bright fully original lustrous example of this last year of the 1890's. These usually do not come like this. The coin looks more like a 1927. A lovely moderately priced type coin. $2,850
1924 $20 St. Gaudens. MS 66 PCGS Lovely very old coin from a hoard. With Motto variety. Exceptionally clean and lustrous. The high points of the coin are sharp and crisp. We think if re-submitted, it could be a plus. Swirling luster. $2,240
1776 Continental Dollar- MS 64 by PCGS. A wonderful near GEM specimen. Breen 1089. Super die-crack from 11 o'clock- bottom of 'T' to rim on left side of 'O'.  Truly a stellar coin with that iconic date. Off the market since 1982 and a superb addition to any major collection.  The plate coin on PCGS website. SOLD
Proof Sets Original sets - 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958 available! $ bid/ask
Gold Type Set

8-Piece Gold Type Set All graded MS63 - Picked one at a time by Bret Leifer. Price is extremely fair.

Gold Type Set 8-Piece Gold Type Set MS64 - Hand-picked by Bret Leifer. These sets are super nice...  ONE SET IN STOCK $8,000 -$13,450
- Rolls of 20 franc gold pieces, napoleons, Swedish 20 Krona, Ceres, roosters, etc. - Great prices .  Remember---we Buy or Trade your coins $ call

BU Rolls of Morgan Dollars Monsters from new hoard - (Also, Franklin Half GEM ROLLS around)

Roosevelt 10 cent and Washington 25cents more original proof sets too...


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