Frequently Asked Coin Questions

Bret finds many new customers have the questions listed here and so this FAQ answers these general questions in one place.

Please note that this is only a list of common questions. If you have specific questions, it's recommended that you call Bret to discuss them with him directly. Refer to the Contact Us section for particulars.

How do I know I will get accurately graded coins?

At Bret Leifer Numismatics we generally only sell coins which have been graded by PCGS or NGC, the two prominent grading services in the country. In addition, Bret Leifer personally examines each piece. In our opinion, this assures you of receiving the best possible coin available.

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What are the best coins to own?

This is entirely up to your taste and pocketbook. We have assisted collectors/investors obtain pieces from a 1792 half disme to extremely rare gold pieces (and everything in between). We suggest you collect what you like. Collect what makes you happy.

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What is a good strategy for coin collecting?

Many people like to create sets of coins. This is done by owning all of the particular coins in a series. A collector can own every coin of a particular year. This is called a year set. A very challenging and rewarding way to collect is to build a type set. That means one coin of every coin design of every denomination. A simple example of this would be a four piece gold set (consisting of $2.50; $5.00; $10; and $20 gold pieces). You should strive to own the highest quality coins you can afford.

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How do I receive my coins?

Either by overnight express, personally picked up, or by registered US insured mail. Registered mail is the safest way of sending anything. The Hope Diamond was sent by registered mail. We have never had a package lost in twenty years.

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How do I transact business?

Simple! You either send a personal check, a bank check or electronically by bank wire. When the funds are cleared, the coins will be shipped.


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Can I make money collecting coins?

Yes you can! You generally have to hold the coins for a number of years. You will also have to sell them into a good market. Collectors usually deal in coins for years; it can become true love. Benjamin Franklin, a coin collector, supposedly said, "you take care of the collection, and the investment will take care of itself". You should bear in mind that some coins can be illiquid at certain periods of time, and the coin market is speculative and unregulated.

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Where and how do I sell my coins?

It's EASY. We can buy the coins back, broker them for you or if necessary, assist with the many auctions.

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How do I get started?

Contact us now for information and insights, either by telephone, fax or e-mail. It will be the smartest move you make.

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