Bret Leifer has always operated his company as a coin boutique offering the highest quality coins. Over the past 35 plus years, he has bought and sold over $100,000,000. of rare coins and bullion in good and bad markets. He uses his attention to detail, demonstrated as a public accountant and financial planner, to develop his clients' coin collections, or BUYING YOUR COINS We are Fully insured, and pay the HIGHEST WE CAN for your collection.

Bret works closely with his clients, handpicking their coins personally to assure they receive the best value and the finest coins available for their collections. WHEN HE BUYS COLLECTIONS, he pays the  BEST competitive prices.

Below are excerpts from letters that BLN has received from satisfied clients.

"Love those 2 coins! They are beautiful…Once again, thanks for your attention and high standards!"

J.D., NY

"I seldom write 'thank yous, as I usually feel as though what I'm receiving is exactly what I've paid for. But I'm compelled, and in the case even want to write to thank you…. The service "after the sale" is immensely important to me, being the neophyte that I am, and tells me that I've chosen the right firm and the right individuals with which to pursue my numismatic interests…At the expense of sounding totally mercenary, I say, "keep up the good work."

R.M., IL

"I want to thank you again for your excellent service to me in buying my 35 year coin collection and my amassed bullion coin holdings. You are truly a professional and I appreciated the time and attention to detail you put towards liquidating my coins. It was 12 months in total, and you demonstrated immense patience with me. [Not an easy task]. You even deposited your checks into my bank account for me. (over $400,000. in total) You are an extremely trustworthy man and became a good friend. You eliminated the anxiety I would have had dealing with others, especially since we transacted all of the business by mail.  I am very comfortable giving others your name."

Park M, NY

Dear Bret,   Although this is written to you directly, it should serve as a reference for any prospective client or collector. You proved thorough and total honesty and knowledge in liquidating our extensive coin collection in a timely manner. We trusted you...We appreciated that you sent the Seminary checks by overnight mail as you sold various parts of our holdings and I am VERY comfortable giving others your name...we trusted your expertise as a numismatist and dealer.

Father Thomas A.



"I just wanted to thank you again for handling our coin sales with such integrity and ease. Your guidance was invaluable and it made a difficult process after losing my father much easier. Your knowledge was so appreciated.  Thank you again for all". We had just under 1/4 Million and you promptly overnighted our checks and the estate appraisals.                                                                                                              Pamela,  Illinois                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "I just want to let you know that doing business with you was a pleasure. Not only were your quotes on my coins higher, but the turnaround times from my sale to you, to your payments to me were, at a minimum, two and a half times faster than the other dealer.  I especially enjoyed our conversations and your insights into coins. I feel I've not only profited from doing business with you, but I've made a friend as well."

Alan S.  AR


"Your check cleared today. I happened to deposit it with a teller named Hazel on the Cape. She said she knew you and vouched for the check-- a nice coincidence. Thanks for making the business of selling my coins to you so easy, --quite an improvement over the other dealer." I used the money to buy a house.


Richard    MA


"I was elected from my family to get the best price for our grandfathers coin collection.  I was fortunate to find you so quickly. You proved extremely knowledgeable and forthright. We soon learned that you offered us the best price for our coins. You made the whole process easy for us. One cousin was amazed at the prices we received for a set of nickels. We all are very pleased with how much we received and how you handled the transaction. We can recommend you to anyone who has a collection for sale."

Irene, MA

Dear Bret- "What a pleasure it was to talk to you this morning. I especially enjoyed your coin and market observations. You offer some excellent insights…It is my distinct belief that we will be doing more business in the future… Thank you so very much for your interest and skill in helping me secure the $10 Lib at a competitive price. I look forward to your participation in the quest for superb gem type gold in the future."

J.C., CA

"Your expertise and honesty are why I deal with the coinguy."

E.W., OH

"I'm building this set over the next five years…and I want you to help me. You have a very good eye…." H.S., GA

"Received the coin a few days ago. It is definitely a beautiful coin. I must say from our conversations and the coin; it is a great pleasure to deal with you. I look forward to our future transactions. You have made me extremely comfortable with your ability to pick out the right coins. Even though it has been a telephone and email relationship I feel it has been as great as if we had made the transaction in person. There are far and few dealers that I would consider purchasing coins from over the Internet. Thank you for your help and input."

A.R., NY

        I want to thank you for buying my late husband's coin collection. He did speak highly and fondly of you. Your kind words and assistance were a great help to me. You made each transaction simple and painless. We sent you a total of 8 boxes of coins and then you sent us the money for each. I also appreciated getting the bank wires I asked you to send as payment. You made us feel comfortable. We took the coins to a local dealer. He tried to bully us and offered just 30% of what you eventually paid. Our attorney was very satisfied with your services. Thank you again.

S.S.   Alpine, Utah

"Sorry I forgot to mention your service. It was exemplary. You were efficient and truthful."

D.R., Washington, D.C.

"You did good…I love the coins. They just came a few minutes ago, and they are all beauties."

L.R., AZ

"I purchased coins from you several years ago. Thereafter, my father purchased from you…It has been several years since I worked with you. However I was very pleased."

J.P., TX

"You are the real MS67, and I won't overlook that in the future. Thanks."

N.D., MA

"The only downside of your MS 65 coins is that your MS 63's are so nice! I do appreciate the way you hand pick each coin."

Paul, MA

"I received the coin yesterday. Yes, it is a beauty. Yes, it is a fair deal, and yes I will keep it and add it to my collection… Thanks again for the nice coin."

M.R., WI

"I'm fortunate to have a "coinguy" whose counsel I trust."

P.M., NY

"Thank you for buying my coins. It was quick, smooth and simple…all transactions should be more like this." C.K, NE "Thank you for the very 'Awesome coins'. They are so magnificent. The exchange of my coins for better coins was simple. Thank you again."


"I got the coins today … I was really delighted. Thanks again!"

D.P., TX

"God brought me to you."

J.B., CA

"Thanks for all your help and patience. I have enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to doing more in the future.

"T.M., WV

"I want to express for both of us our admiration and thanks for your expertise."

Q.R., MA

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